In today’s world, electronic messaging via the internet is the most sufficient way to go.  When I was in middle school, there was a big social site that everyone my age was a part of except me.  Myspace was the crave then, but as I got to high school the kids my age had more of a taste for Facebook.  Today, Facebook is still the way to go along with Twitter for your social internet cravings.  I love Facebook.  Facebook helps me keep up with what is going on in the world.  Yesterday I found out that a Spanish teacher I had in middle school and high school died yesterday.  The only reason why I found this out is because I happened to be on Facebook when a few of my friends posted statuses about the sad news.  Another reason I love Facebook is because I can let people know what events are going on.  It makes my job a lot easier as a Community Leader here at Georgia Southern when I can create a group with my students in it.  I just post what I need to the group page and my students easily see it with no hassles.  I don’t have to take but a couple minutes out of my life and I have gotten the information to 80 students.  I have posted the link to my Facebook page for my students I am a CL over.   I have also posted an article by the Social Media Examiner.  The examiner says that small businesses can get just as much clout by being available, flexible, and by taking action.  Facebook is a fine way for small businesses to take action and make themselves known as well as being available and flexible to groups that that small business may not be able reach otherwise.